Zubo - Nintendo DS

Zubo - Nintendo DS

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Zubo is a 3D rhythm action game set in the vibrant and melodic universe of Zubalon. Players enter Zubalon to help the zany inhabitants, the Zubos, defeat a malicious mastermind and his army of dastardly Zombos.

There are 55 Zubos to befriend and recruit to your squad on your travels. Players can nurture them, help them gain skills, and assist them by strategically battling to the beats against the enemy.

Zubo has 10 worlds to explore, including Fairytale, Horror, Pop and High Seas. Along the way there are battles to fight and mini games to play. Battles are turn based with over 100 fully animated moves and custom music to tap your stylus to. Ad Hoc multiplayer allows you to challenge your friends by putting your favourite Zubos to the test.

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