Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take in Trades?

We certainly do! We take in just about anything from Atari to the current generation. We can trade you for cash, or we can give you more for in-store credit! We'll work to beat any major competitor's trade-in price!

Amount for the trade can depend on condition on game or console, among an array of other things. If you have any specific questions on trades, shoot us email or message us on social media!

Do you have Playstation 5 or Xbox Series consoles?

You can check our stock for Playstation 5, and for Xbox Series Consoles on their webpages. We do get them in stock from time to time, so check first.

Do you clean your games?

We do! All of our cartridge-based games are thoroughly cleaned. We carefully wash the exterior of the cartridges, doing our best to remove stickers, writing, and any other minor cosmetic markings. On the inside we polish and clean the pins to make sure they're extra clean and won't damage your consoles.

Our disc based games are also cleaned to a similar standard! We carefully clean the exterior cases, and do our best to remove stickers and any other markings. The discs are carefully washed and/ or resurfaced to make sure they'll play the best that they can so you can enjoy your game without any worry.

How do I apply a coupon or discount code?

Once you reach the checkout page, under your items, above the total amount due, you'll see a place for you to enter your code.

What does "Good Condition Cartridge" mean?

This options serves mostly as a catch-all for cartridges that look good. You may get a cartridge that you'd consider "very good" or "like new," but it's mainly to differentiate between the nicer looking games, and the ones that aren't so nice looking. Good Condition games may show obvious signs of wear, but will be in good shape.

What does "Cosmetically Flawed" mean?

Cosmetically flawed games may have chips, scratches, severe discoloration or other cosmetic issues. They are tested and guaranteed to work just like our Good condition games, however because of their cosmetic flaws they are offered at a discounted price. They are a great option for those who aren't collectors and just want to play their favorite games!