Zoo Tycoon - Xbox 360

Zoo Tycoon - Xbox 360

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Zoo Tycoon is an entry in Microsoft's long-running zoo management series and the first game in the series for a console platform. In the Challenge mode the player has to build a zoo from the ground up with short challenges. This includes designing the environment, building exhibits with important parts such as feeders, bathing stations and various enrichments, taking care of the animals, managing finances and keeping an eye on the visitors' happiness.

The game uses a top-down mode for the overall management, a third-person mode to explore the zoo on foot or using a buggie, and a first-person perspective for some activities and taking photographs while exploring, similar to the earlier Kinect: Disneyland Adventures by the same developer. The overall performance is tracked through different status bars with three main colours: red, orange and green. The other game modes next to the Challenge mode are Training mode (ten missions), Freeform mode (no pressure for money or research) and Campaign mode (twenty levels with long-term goals). Up to four players can work together simultaneously in the three main modes to build and maintain the zoo with support for voice chat.

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