Zoo Tycoon 2 DS - Nintendo DS

Zoo Tycoon 2 DS - Nintendo DS

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This game is a very similar game to its computer counterpart. There are three main modes in Zoo Tycoon 2 DS, Campaign Game, Freeform Game, and Multiplayer. In Campaign Game, you have to meet certain objectives, such as having many happy animals or getting a certain number of people in your zoo. To make your animals happy, you have to feed, bathe, pet, and heal the animals. Zookeepers help you take care of the animals and feed them when it is necessary. Maintenance workers fix fences and clean up trash. Dolphins are some of the most popular animals and can even hold dolphin shows for your guests. They are trained by trainers, and you can also train them for shows.

There is also Sandbox Mode, where you can freely build and choose the amount of money you have. You can save Campaign games and Sandbox games, but only one. In Multiplayer, there are two different modes, Trade a Zoo and Tycoon Showdown. In Trade a Zoo, you can trade zoos with other people. You can try running their zoo, and they can run your zoo. In Tycoon Showdown, you can face off with another person to make the better zoo. You have a time limit and are graded by things like amount of guests, animals, and cash spent.

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