Zombie Army Trilogy - Nintendo Switch

Zombie Army Trilogy - Nintendo Switch

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Zombie Army Trilogy is a tactical first-person shooter based on Sniper Elite V2. It includes two spin-off standalone titles only available for PC: Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army and Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2. These two games were remastered and put into a single campaign with a new, third episode not available separately. For the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and the Xbox One this is the first release for any of the content. Owners of the first two games on Steam were offered a 60% discount to upgrade.

The story details an alternate history where Hitler unleashes an undead horde from his bunker at the end of World War II in a final attempt to take over the world. Unlike Sniper Elite V2 the game is not played from the American side, but as the Germans who need to stop this undead assault. The gameplay is largely identical to Sniper Elite V2 as the game puts a focus on a tactical approach and stealth with long-range rifles as a primary weapon and other weapons such as a machine gun, a pistol or a bazooka as a secondary weapon. There are also grenades, trip wire traps, land mines, dynamite sticks and a kick as a melee attack. The tactical approach is most noticeable at higher level difficulty levels that introduce wind contingencies, bullet drop physics, a heart rate to control, and an impact on the stance. Most of the objectives are based on reaching a checkpoint or retrieving relics. The trademark anatomical cutaway X-ray view is still present.

The three episodes offer fifteen levels in total. The third one, Beyond Berlin, has larger and broader maps that offer more room for exploration and experimentation. This one also introduces the traps and decoys that can be used. The five levels for the third episode are City of Ashes, Freight Train of Fear, Forest of Corpses, The Keep, and Army of Darkness. There are three difficulty levels (Cadet, Marksman and Sniper Elite) and options for enemy setup customization. Next to the four existing male characters, the cast of playable characters is expanded with four female ones: Anya Bochkareva, Beth Coleman, Hanna Schulz and Marie Chevalier. Prior to starting a mission the loadout can be define with a rifle, a secondary weapon and a pistol, and the additional items such as mines or grenades. The game supports cooperative games for up to four players and introduces new a Horde survival mode on five new maps.

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