Zhu Zhu Puppies - Nintendo DS

Zhu Zhu Puppies - Nintendo DS

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Your Very Own ZhuZhu Puppies!

Adopt and take care of playful and energetic Zhu-Zhu Puppies including Howser, Sabrina, Miss Priss, Dakota, Loolah, and Murphy!

You are now responsible for feeding, bathing and cleaning up after you Zhu-Zhu Puppies while they find mischief at every corner: New activities appear every day, and rewards for good work unlock accessories galore.

(screenshot captions) * Walk, feed, bathe, and clean up after your new best friend * Choose from a different ZhuZhu Puppies to adopt * Play games with your ZhuZhu Puppies such as catching bubbles or a sing along

Source: Back of Case - Nintendo DS (US)

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