Zenses: Rainforest - Nintendo DS

Zenses: Rainforest - Nintendo DS

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Zenses: Rainforest is a collection of six puzzle games.
  • Treasure Spin involves rotating a board so that flowers fall down and connect to each other. When they are all connected the level is cleared.
  • Stack Jack involves creating stacks by matching shapes of different sizes. The circles fall down and the player has to connect three items of the same shape to create a stack.
  • Twist 'n' Turn shows two wheels with gems and the player has to rotate the wheels on the lower screen so that the gems match the ones on the upper screen
  • Flower Board involves clearing flowers from a board. The player drags flowers onto the screen so that correct matches are made with the ones already on the board.
  • Sapphire Wheel shows a wheel with a grid and the player has to drag gems onto the grid so that it gets fully filled. It is possible to rotate the wheel to make the gems fit.
  • Solitaire is similar to Peg Solitaire and involves clearing a board by hopping stones over other stones before reaching a goal with the last move.

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