You Don't Know Jack: Irreverent Trivia - Xbox 360

You Don't Know Jack: Irreverent Trivia - Xbox 360

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You Don't Know Jack marks the series' first official box release in about eight years, after YDKJ6: The Lost Gold. The series was almost exclusively for the PC, but the new release has been designed with consoles in mind, while retaining the wit and quirky pop-trivia questions of the famous series and web game.

YDKJ supports up to four players, all participating in a fictional gameshow hosted by snarky "Cookie" Masterson. The show's format is based around asking standard pop culture or general knowledge questions in unconventional ways. Players are asked to quickly decide if a description matches one item (Dis) or another (Dat), answer science questions framed in hypothetical antics of the cast of Jersey Shore, or decipher Cookie's terrible attempt at ventriloquism through dummy Billy O'Brian (which he pronounces "Dilly O'Drien"). Questions are presented in a multiple-choice format, with four answers mapped to the console's face buttons (or the Wiimote's direction pad).

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