Yoshi's Woolly World - Nintendo Wii U

Yoshi's Woolly World - Nintendo Wii U

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Yoshi's Woolly World is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer starring the anthropomorphic dinosaur Yoshi known from many Mario games. The game uses a visual style where all characters and the environment look as if they are made out of cloth or yarn, similar to Kirby's Epic Yarn by the same developer. Many Yoshis live together peacefully on Craft Island in the Handmade Ocean. One day the evil wizard Kamek arrives on his broom and turns all the Yoshis into bundles of yarn. Only two are able to hide and they need to rescue their friends.

Yoshi typically attacks using his tongue to swallow enemies and produce eggs, but in this game balls of yarn are produced instead. About six can be carried at all times and they have various uses. They can be launched at enemies, aiming with a reticule, to ensnare them. In other sections they are used to interact with the environment, to activate platforms or reveal hidden sections, or to reach and grab items that are far away. Yoshi can use a flutter jump for a short while to reach platforms while hovering. White chicks can be gathered to create temporary cloud platforms. Instead of just completing levels, players are encouraged to find all the collectibles. There are also short sequences where Yoshi can transform himself into an umbrella, a motorbike, a mermaid etc. Each level has many secret areas and there are jewels to collect, pieces of yarn (Wonder Whools), five smiley flowers, and stamp patches. They are used to buy power-ups, unlock new levels (six S-rank courses), new Yoshi skins and Miiverse stamps respectively. For 5,000 gems for instance you can summon Poochy who sniffs out secrets and a later upgrade reveals all hidden items right away. These only last for a single level. Often small threads can be pulled to reveal a new piece of the environment and stacks of pillow can be compressed to make a path.

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