Yanya Caballista: City Skater - Playstation 2

Yanya Caballista: City Skater - Playstation 2

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New San Francisco, the skateboarding Mecca of the world, has been invaded by mysterious alien creatures called Gawoo. There is only one way to stop them, and skateboarding is the key!

Yanya Caballista: City Skater is a cartoony skateboarding game played with a unique fingerboard controller that fits over the Dual Shock controller's analog sticks. Move the fingerboard as a real skateboard would move to control it and pull off different tricks. Each stage is populated with various Gawoo, and the only way to get rid of them is to pull skateboarding tricks. The color and shape of the Gawoo tells you what tricks are their favorite, so pull those tricks and combo nearby to get rid of them before the timer runs out!

There are many different unlockable characters, and several different modes including a 2-player versus mode, a challenge mode, and a "ramp mode" where successfully completing tricks builds up and creates music tracks.

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