Xbox Music Mixer - Original Xbox

Xbox Music Mixer - Original Xbox

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Xbox Music Mixer is part software, part technology upgrade that expands the Xbox to function as a karaoke, music manager, photo viewer, and storage depository for computers. Bundled with a microphone, the disc includes 12 karaoke songs from popular recording artists such as the B-52's and Jimmy Eat World, complete with onscreen lyrics. Closet crooners can also insert any CD and mask the vocals, then record their own performance onto the Xbox hard drive for later listening or insertion into games supporting the custom soundtrack feature.

The music manager now allows players to automatically pull up track listings and recording artists for most CDs as well as add effects like distortion, flange, chorus, and so forth.<br><br>Players who have all their mp3s stored on computer no longer have to create them from scratch to port them to the Xbox hard drive. Now players can download images, songs, and video files from their PC to the console, or use Xbox Live to access new karaoke songs and other bonuses. While playing music, Xbox Music Mixer adds 20 "visualizers" that move to the beat of the music like a personal light show or rave. Image files can also be used as part of the show, and players are free to edit the visualizers to create the effect they desire. Users can also add visual effects, captions, and voice overs to the photos while they are displayed. In addition to the microphone and software, Xbox Music Mixer comes packaged with a controller port connector to interface with PCs.

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