WWE 2K15 - Playstation 3

WWE 2K15 - Playstation 3

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WWE 2K15 is the 2015 installment in the long line of wrestling games developed by Yuke's and the second game under the WWE 2K banner following WWE 2K14. The fighters are based on the WWE license with a roster of 75 characters, smaller than the previous game. In general this edition tones down the arcade approach in favour of slower and more strategic gameplay. Strikes are for instance slower and the stamina system is more effective, especially noticeable for superstars that previously almost always stood up right away. There is a new type of stamina meter with three tiers, drained by enemy attacks. With each tier lost, the fighter becomes slower and more exhausted, eventually even unable to perform finishing moves.

From the Smackdown titles in the series that ended in 2010 the game brings back a season mode in the form of MyCareer. Players get to design a custom wrestler in the game's Creative Suite and then build the wrestler's career, starting from the WWE Performance Center and NXT to the main WrestleMania event and finally the WWE Hall of Fame. It employs a storyline with decisions that lead to branching events and a morality system based on following or ignoring the rules. Matches are rated using a star system from one to five based on momentum, pacing and technique, and different ratings based on the type of match. The meter can be tweaked or turned off, for instance to drain slower or to regenerate.

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