World Soccer: Winning Eleven 7 International - Playstation 2

World Soccer: Winning Eleven 7 International - Playstation 2

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The third installment of the Pro Evolution Soccer series, with improved graphics and a bigger Master League. Because the Master League is so big, it's split into 4 zones with 2 divisions, and cup competitions in each zone. Other than most of the Italian teams, club names are fictional, as are many of the players. However, the game has an improved edit mode, so you can edit the team's name, flag, logo, shirts, and stadium.

You can use the 'shop' system to unlock hidden features such as classic teams. The game also has a training mode, and a challenge mode, in which you have to dribble around cones as quick as you can. Replays can be fast-forwarded and rewound, and the view can be rotated. The advantage rule is now implemented, so a foul will only stop play if the fouled team suffers from it.

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