World Series Baseball - Sega Game Gear

World Series Baseball - Sega Game Gear

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World Series Baseball is a baseball game for one or two players. It is the first entry in Sega's franchise of the same name and the first baseball game of its generation with a full MLB license. Teams and players are based on the 1993 season: all 28 teams including the expansion teams Colorado and Florida, as well as the two All-Star teams are included.

Gameplay and options are similar to the previous year's The Majors: Pro Baseball. Exhibition games, two-player matchups via Gear-to-Gear cable, and a full season (of either 32, 84, 123 or 162 games) including playoffs and World Series championship are available. Also returning is the option to edit one's own team, with two team slots for saving to battery-backed RAM. Three different stadiums (open, turf and dome) can be selected and pitcher and batter order be freely set.

Gameplay follows the standard model: players control all aspects of play, from a view behind the batter for batting and pitching and an overhead view of the field for running and fielding. On offense, players can lead off and steal bases, while defense allows for dives and jumps as well as unassisted plays.

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