World Series Baseball 98 - Sega Genesis

World Series Baseball 98 - Sega Genesis

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World Series Baseball 98 is the fourth Genesis game in the baseball series. This entry has the rosters and stats of the 1997 MLB season (including interleague play) as well as updated statistics for the 1996 season featured in the previous game. Once again all 28 teams are featured. The game types are identical to before: Exhibition, League, Playoffs, Batting Practice, Homerun Derby, and Classic Homerun Derby, along with All-Star games. Trading can be enabled or disabled. The gameplay and visuals are identical to the previous game. A new feature is that statistics are tracked through 27 categories and next to the overall progress in a league for instance, league leaders, team leaders, team statistics and team standings are saved to the cartridge battery.

Batting is shown from a behind view with three options: contact, normal or power. The player has to time the swing to make contact. While pitching the three options are fastball, splitter and changeup (in the previous game slide was offered instead of changeup). In pitching mode a rectangle is shown to determine the position of the ball. It can also moved out of the rectangle to trick the batter into a wide one and the accuracy is determined through the batter's statistics. During gameplay fielding can be done manually or by the computer. Runners have the ability to go back, advance or slide. Various line-up and strategy options can also be altered during gameplay.


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