World Class Baseball - TurboGrafx-16

World Class Baseball - TurboGrafx-16

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World Class Baseball is a baseball game. The player controls the pitcher and fielders (through an automatic system that, following baseball games' tradition, gives to him control on the one of the players who is closest to the ball); not the batter. One or two little windows display the runner's status during the face-off between the batter and the pitcher; once the ball is hit the view changes to a bird's eye one, showing a good portion of the game field where the action is taking place, together with a permanent small field's image at the right bottom of the screen displaying the position of every player on the whole field.

This game comprises an arcade mode (namely «Pennant mode») in which the player is tasked with straightly defeating one by one all opponent teams; a two-player mode (Versus mode) where two players just play versus each other in a single game, the «Open mode» to challenge the computer in a single match and a computer-only mode (Watch mode), seeing a challenge between two teams both controlled by the CPU. The Edit mode allows the player to change the starting lineup and starting rotation for the team.

The teams are bracketed in two groups: South Division (consisting of teams from Bangkok, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Sidney); North Division (counting teams based in Chicago, Los Angeles, London, New York, Tokyo, Toronto). No official licensed baseball teams are there.

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