Woody Pop - Sega Game Gear

Woody Pop - Sega Game Gear

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Every system must have a Breakout clone, and every self-respecting developer must have one, especially in the mid-eighties, following the success of Taito's Arkanoid. Sega's answer was called Woody Pop.

With a wooden paddle, which in fact is Woody the tree spirit, you bounce your ball against bricks laid out in a big house filled with toys. The toys will come out to disturb you. When you hit "mystery bricks", wind-up toy soldiers or robots come out, obstructing your ball. On some levels, a toy train will cross your path as well. Speaking of wells, the bottom of the screen is not a big black hole as in most other games of this kind – instead the whole covers only a part of the wall, so that even if you miss the ball, it might bounce back in the corners.

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