Winback: Covert Operations - Nintendo 64

Winback: Covert Operations - Nintendo 64

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Metal Gear Solid and Goldeneye 007 fans take note: you need this game. Sure, main character Jean-Luc Cougar has a silly name, but his covert moves and daunting assignment rival that of a better-known, suit-wearing spy. Winback: Covert Operations is one of those games--you know, the hyper-engrossing, atmospheric type that suck you in until the graveyard shifters' lunch breaks.

As S.C.A.T. (Strategic Covert Actions Team) members, players must disable a rash of terrorists who've taken over a powerful laser satellite defense system capable of leveling large regions with one burst. Jean-Luc stealthily plunges into the control center, buried deep in a mountainside, lined with bad guys. This isn't a first-person shooter; the over-the-shoulder view provides plenty of screen space to plan each sneaky move, going for surprise attacks rather than all-out, bullets-flying action.


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