Wild Arms Alter Code: F - Playstation 2

Wild Arms Alter Code: F - Playstation 2

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This is the story of three heroes. Rudy is a young man from a quiet village who possesses the secret of ARMS, a forbidden technology. He is expelled from his home for using this power to defeat a monster. Jack is a careless treasure hunter who roams caves and ruins with his trusty friend, the blue rodent Hanpan. Cecilia is a young princess who was sent to a magician school to study the lore of magic. She has the ability to communicate with ancient powerful beings called the Guardians. The three heroes meet each other and embark on a journey to save the world of Filgaia from a grave danger.

"Wild Arms Alter Code: F" is a remake of the original Wild Arms for Playstation. The basic gameplay premise remained the same: you participate in random turn-based battles, using attacks, special magic unique to each character, and other abilities (such as summoning Guardians). In dungeons there are many physical and environmental puzzles to solve. The remake features fully 3D graphics, changes and more detail in the design of many locations, and a new party to control. In the original, only Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia were available as playable characters. In the remake, several other characters can be taken into your party and even switched during the same battle.

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