Wii Fit U - Nintendo Wii U

Wii Fit U - Nintendo Wii U

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Wii Fit U is a fitness game for the balance board peripheral. Game modes include Yoga, Strength training, Aerobics, Dance and Balance games.

There are 18 Balance games of which Trampoline target, Hosedown, Desert course, Core Luge, Scuba Search, Climbing are all new games, the rest are the same games as in Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus:

  • Balance Bubble: guide your Mii down the river by controlling your balance.
  • Bird's-Eye Bull's-Eye: flap your arms to fly and land your Mii in a chicken suite on all the targets.
  • Climbing: scale the wall by moving your hands to grab the green and blue handholds.
  • Core Luge: sit on the balance board to hop on the sled and slide at super speeds.
  • Desert course: walk to deliver delicious goodies to the hungry guests while balancing a tray.
  • Hosedown: avoid the incoming mud and hose down the muddy Mii characters.
  • Obstacle course: step in place to walk.
  • Perfect 10: shake your hips to add up to the given number.
  • Rhythm Kung Fu: mimic kung-fu moves to the beat.
  • Ski jump: ski down a ramp and jump as far as possible.
  • Ski slalom: lean left and right to ski down a slalom course.
  • Scuba Search: look for treasure and watch your oxygen level.
  • Snowball fight: take cover and throw snowballs at the Mii characters.
  • Soccer Heading: head the soccer balls and dodge other flying objects like shoes and mascot heads.
  • Table tilt: lean your body left, right, forward and backward to drop the balls into the holes.
  • Tilt City: drop the balls into the matching colored pipe by tilting the wiimote and leaning on the balance board.
  • Trampoline target: bend your knees and go soaring as high as possible.
  • Ultimate Obstacle course: face the direction you want to move on this new course.

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