Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Game Boy Classic

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Game Boy Classic

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit is based on the movie of the same name. Roger Rabbit lives in Toontown where cartoon characters like himself and real people live together. Roger has been framed for having murdered the suspected lover of his wife and now, with help of the private detective Eddie Valiant, he has to prove his innocence.

This is an action game with puzzle solving elements. Roger Rabbit can move freely within Toontown (and some of its buildings) and the main gameplay consists of talking to people who give Roger clues about where to go next. He also has to collect and use a variety of items in order to progress. However, when walking around town he is attacked by enemies who reduce Roger's life bar if they hit him; there are also a few boss battles. A few (sparse) items can be used to dispatch enemies.


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