Wayne's World - Super Nintendo

Wayne's World - Super Nintendo

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Are you ready for this? Number One of the Top Ten Most Bizarre Things To Happen This Year: Garth has been Kidnapped! No way you say? Hway!! It's the work of a most heinous goon-a pixelated purple putridosity called Zantar. And now you Wayne Campbell must heartily rescue your excellent sidekick from a fate most unbecoming! Armed with your mighty guitar and the power to Schwing you must brave the perils of Kramer's Music Store Stan Mikita's Donut Shop the Gasworks nightclub and suburbia. There you will spar with such dweeboids as monster bagpipes accordians and kazoos (shyeah rright!) spewing coffee cups and dangerous disco balls (as if!) hair-whipping headbangers and the strange Psycho Hose Beast (way!) Hello? Are you worthy to face the mega-challenge without blowing chunks? Then party on my friend to the most excellent finish!

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