Watch_Dogs 2 - Playstation 4

Watch_Dogs 2 - Playstation 4

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Watch_Dogs 2 is the follow-up to Watch_Dogs with similar gameplay mechanics, but a different protagonist, a different setting and a lighter and more humorous tone for the themes and story. It is an open world game that can be explored on foot or by driving cars, trucks, buses, boats or bikes. Just like in the original game the protagonist, now Marcus Holloway, is a member of the Dedsec hackers collective. The game is now set in San Francisco, Oakland, Marin and Silicon Valley with a size twice as large as Chicago in the previous game. Again the group goes against the control of ctOS (Central Operating System), now in 2.0 version, as a means to control all of the city as well as to spy on its citizens.

There are many famous landmarks in the game with special attention to the Silicon Valley and its many companies and employees which are often the centre of jokes. Many story sequences are presented as cut-scenes. At the start of the game Holloway is not a member of the collective yet. He is identified by ctOS as a potential threat and this leads him to breach the data centre and delete his ctOS profile, which impresses the Dedsec group. The fellow hackers he works with are Horatio, Josh, Sitara and Wrench. The goal is to take down ctOS and its company Blume. They also raise awareness as completing missions is rewarded with followers, people who take notice, as a means to further the narrative.

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