Warriors Orochi 3 - Xbox 360

Warriors Orochi 3 - Xbox 360

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Warriors Orochi 3 is the third installment in the Warriors Orochi series and the sequel of Warriors Orochi 2.

After vanquishing Orochi, a period of peace came to the land. That peace is suddenly shattered by the appearance of a Hydra. Warriors from different worlds gather to father the Hydra, but only three survive. With the help of the mystic Kaguya, Sima Zhao, Ma Chao and Hanbei Takenaka set to travel in time to save their fallen comrades and form an army against the new threat.

Starting with only four characters, the player sets to gather warriors by altering the outcome of different battles. The characters consist of the characters from the Dynasty Warriors series and Samurai Warriors series and a few from other games such as Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive.

The player chooses three warriors before each stage. In battle, these characters can switch places at any time to fight against hordes of enemy soldiers and officers, gathering experience and gems until the victory conditions are met. Weapons and items can also be acquired in battle. Between each battle, the player is sent back to the camp, where he can buy and customize weapons, make characters bond together, equip the characters and distribute growth points to raise the character's level. If certain conditions are met, discussions between specific warriors will unlock new stages or an alternate "Redux" version of a previously cleared battle.

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