Warriors of the Lost Empire - Playstation Portable (PSP)

Warriors of the Lost Empire - Playstation Portable (PSP)

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The former Roman emperor, Hadrianus, has gone missing and the empire wants to confirm whether he is dead or alive. To accomplish this, the empire hires a mercenary to go looking.

The player takes on the role of this mercenary. The player can choose between four different classes such as a highlander, gladiator, or dark seeker, each with their own unique strength, vitality, agility, and will statistics. Players are shown a map and can select one of several different difficulty-rated labyrinths to explore. In these dungeons, players will have to fight monsters with their equipped weapons. While fighting, players can both give and receive status effects like paralysis, poison, and fear. Players also can use supplies they have equipped on their belts, such as heal nuts, sacred water, and bombs. Defeating monsters earns the player experience to level up their character. Leveling up earns the player ability points to level up their various abilities.

Other then the story mode, there is also a dungeon mode and a multiplayer mode.

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