Warriors: Legends of Troy - Playstation 3

Warriors: Legends of Troy - Playstation 3

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Warriors: Legends of Troy is a spin-off of Koei's long-running Dynasty Warrior series. Based on Greek mythology as told through Homer's Iliad, players take control of multiple heroes during the Trojan War, fighting through hundreds of enemies and other mythical beasts. Compared to the games in the Dynasty Warrior series, Warriors: Legends of Troy places greater emphasis on more realistic combat and and grittier animation, making it Koei's first M-rated title for gore and violence.

Players get to control eight different heroes based on two separate storyline. Both the Greek and the Trojan side are featured, with Achilles, Ajax, Odysseus and Patroclus for the Greek and Aeneas, Hector, Paris and Penthesilea for the Trojans. All characters are controlled from a third-person perspective and have a different fighting style. They need to hack and slash their way through the masses, forming combos and using a shield as a weapon as well as a large amount of throwing weapons. Those left behind by other soldiers can also be picked up and used. The story is furthered through cut-scenes through the battles and also features supernatural elements such as the intervention of gods.

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