Wall-E - Nintendo DS

Wall-E - Nintendo DS

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The Nintendo DS version of Wall-E (based on the 2008 Pixar animated film of the same name) allows players to help the eponymous robot character embark on an adventure in outer space, completing 14 levels along the way.

The main gameplay is consisted of two different modes: Adventure Mode (where players must help WALL-E across several platforming levels filled with hazards, switches and even enemies) and EVE Raceway Mode (where players must help EVE complete a racing level within time and health limits). Throughout the gameplay, the Touch Screen displays the map (in Adventure Mode) and EVE's health and speed (in EVE Raceway Mode), while the main action takes place on the Top Screen for both modes.

The control pad is used to help WALL-E move around, A to pick up cubes (which help activate switches, as well as pushing or pulling enemies into pits), and the B, X and Y buttons are utilised to throw the cubes short, long and medium distances (respectively). The L and R buttons in Adventure Mode are used to rotate the game camera at anytime. In EVE's mode the B or L buttons help EVE slow down, while A or R help her to accelerate. The Nintendo DS stylus can also be utilised to perform WALL-E's actions in Adventure Mode.

The DS version also includes Bonus Content, such as bonus levels (unlocked after the game is completed), movies (unlocked throughout the adventure) and screenshots from the film (which are unlocked when the player collects all the Buy N Large coins within the various levels).

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