Wabbit - Atari 2600

Wabbit - Atari 2600

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In Wabbit you control farmer Billie Sue who needs to protect her carrot crops! The field is being overrun by rabbits, and you need to chase them away. On each side of the screen are five rabbit holes; the rabbits will come running out of the holes and try to steal the carrots. You need to throw rotten eggs at the rabbits to scare them away. Every time the rabbits get away with a carrot, a point is added to their score. Every time you hit a rabbit with an egg, you will receive points. For every 100 points you earn, the rabbits will lose 25 points. The game ends when the rabbits have reached 100 points. Several game variations are included which allow one, two, or three rabbits to appear at a time.

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