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Volume - PSVita

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Volume is a stealth game presented as a modern take on the legend of Robin Hood as the protagonist is also called Robert Locksley and it is also about someone who steals from the rich, but in a digital age. He is a thief who finds a device called Volume that is a military training simulator, but allows users to simulate heists in virtual worlds as well. The game opens showing how Locksley is discovered and captured. It then rewinds three hours and 100 missions explain what happened before. Locksley broadcasts his simulated heists over the internet for anyone to match and finds an antagonist in Guy Gisborne, CEO of Gisborne Industries, who has also taken over the country of England. More of the story and the background is revealed through notes found during missions. Volume also has artificial intelligence called Alan who guides Locksley through the mechanics and has conversations about events while the missions are in progress.

The game is played from an elevated, almost top-down perspective and consists of short, maze-like levels. To complete a level Locksley needs to collect all gems and then the exit opens up. Levels are guarded by characters called Pawns. They are stationary or patrol and it is possible to see their line of sight through a cone. When they discover Locksley they go after him and shoot. The level then has to be restarted unless a checkpoint has been activated first. There are no means to kill opponents, so strategy is always about distractions and staying unnoticed. Locksley can cling to walls, with slower movement, but at the same time ducking slightly to stay out of sight when near lower objects. The game moves to a completely top-down perspective at that time and it is possible to hop between walls around corners. He can also move in any direction while walking regularly.

The initial approach to distract guards is by whistling, but eventually many types of gadgets are introduced. Gadgets can only be used when they are present in levels. The first one introduced is the Bugle that can be fired in any direction. When it is set off, also in flight, it makes a sound that draws attention. The Oddity has similar mechanics, but can only be shot at a high wall, where it will attract the attention of a guard for some time when it is spotted. Mute gives a temporary speed boost and mutes the sound of pressure plates. Gadgets generally take some time to recharge, but can be used without limits. During levels only one gadget can be carried at a time. Locksley can also flush toilets or run water taps to create sounds, and he can hide in closets behind doors.

Advanced levels include new types of opponents such as turrets, and hounds with a 180 degrees line of sight. Guards will often activate alarms alerting the others when Locksley is spotted. They will then run much faster and it can only be averted by hiding for a while or hacking the security system to disable the alarm. Some levels have pressure plates that make a sound and sometimes there are forcefields blocking the path that require some time to deactivate. Levels do not always have a single solution and can often be solved in different ways.

The game includes an editor that allows users to create and share custom levels online. It is also possible to edit and remix the existing levels.

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