V-Rally Edition '99 - Nintendo 64

V-Rally Edition '99 - Nintendo 64

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V-Rally 99 tries to closely simulate the European rally racing experience, providing racers with a nice variety of cars and over 50 circuits located around the world. And while the attention to real-world physics certainly demands concentration, V-Rally 99 may send some drivers' patience into a tailspin.

This is not a pedal-to-the-metal racing game. Keeping control of the car is difficult, and drivers will quickly realize that success depends on literally crawling around corners at low speeds, then accelerating madly on the straights to the next set of curves and turns. Both the arcade (less sensitive controls and physics) and championship (heavy on the real-world simulation) modes demand a light touch on the accelerator and brakes to remain upright and on the track. Luckily, controls are quite intuitive and easy to learn.


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