Until Dawn - Playstation 4

Until Dawn - Playstation 4

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Until Dawn is a horror-survival with an emphasis on both horror and survival equally enough. It borrows the gameplay elements from other movie-like games which let your choices branch the story and change what happens, such as Heavy Rain (2010), and story elements from horror teen slasher movies like "Scream" (1996).

The story opens at the mountain cabin as a couple of friends pulled the prank on Hannah during her rather intimate moment. Embarrassed and angry, she storms out into the snow and heads toward the woods. Finding about what happened, her-twin sister, Beth, rushes after her in order to find her. She does so, only to find out there's someone else with them. The mysterious figure catches up and what happens next is up to the player. Bodies of Beth and Hannah were never found and are presumed missing. The police never closed the case.

Fast forward to a year after this incident, eight friends decide to come to the same mountain cabin for a reunion at Josh's request. Josh being the brother who lost his two sisters, and a close friend, the rest of them were in no position to refuse his invitation. In memory or Hannah and Beth, to catch up with one another, and possibly enjoy the romantic retreat in the mountains. What starts with good intentions, soon ends in screams, bloodshed and impossible choices as the eights of them fight for survival again someone or something.

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