Unreal Championship - Original Xbox

Unreal Championship - Original Xbox

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Unreal Championship is a first-person-shooter game, that has similarities to the PC game Unreal Tournament.

UC can be played as a single player campaign or a multiplayer game. In single player, you can fight solo against different and varying enemies, or you can lead a team in team-based games, like Capture the Flag and Bombing Run. In multiplayer mode, you can play with up to four players on a single Xbox, or go online via Xbox Live to play with up to fifteen other people.

There are five game modes; Deathmatch, which is your standard free for all, kill everyone; Capture The Flag, in which two teams fight to capture their enemies flag, then return it to theirs to score; Bombing Run, which is somewhat like soccer, where two teams have to take a ball and shoot it through a ring to score; Domination, where you must capture and hold three separate control points for a set time to score; and Survival, which is a last man standing kind of game, where the last person alive wins.

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