UFC Undisputed 3 - Playstation 3

UFC Undisputed 3 - Playstation 3

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UFC Undisputed 3 is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting game based on the real-life sports with licensed fighters from the UFC and (now-defunct) PRIDE organizations. It is the follow-up to UFC Undisputed 2010 and the third main game in the series.

In the main Career mode players create a custom character and progress through training sessions and matches to become famous. From the main menu it is possible to schedule fights, do training or camp sessions, prepare a game plan, read news, and follow the rankings. In the different training sessions specific skills or attributes can be chosen to practice and improve. Characters are defined through general information, one of the seven weight classes (with the four main statistics being strength, speed, cardio and footwork), physical appearance, and martial arts background. The latter includes boxing, karate, muay thai, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, sambo, jiu-jitsu, and mma. Fighting is divided over three different stances – standup, clinch, and ground – with different skills and moves for each one. By winning matches "fight purse cred" is earned. This currency can be used to sign up for camps where new moves can be learned. Fights are generally over when one of the players is on the ground and no longer has the strength to defend himself, and the referee intervenes.

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