EA Sports UFC - Playstation 4

EA Sports UFC - Playstation 4

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EA Sports UFC is a mixed martial arts game. The gameplay is mainly the same as many other UFC games, including UFC Undisputed 3. Although the AI has been changed to accommodate for more changes mid-game to strategies to feel like more realistic fights, the fights mainly play out the same.

The game features a new full-body deformation system. So, when a character kicks an other character, the flesh moves according to the impact made by the kick. In other games, The body of the character taking the blow wouldn't react in such a way.

The game features 97 UFC fighters as playable characters, including Royce Gracie and Bruce Lee as bonus fighters. Another 22 fighters have been added through the course of 2014, through title updates and dlc. The game has both female and male wrestlers. Although the male wrestlers vary from Heavyweight to Flyweight, the women only fall into the category Women's Bantamweight.

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