TV Sports Hockey - TurboGrafx-16

TV Sports Hockey - TurboGrafx-16

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The game offers exhibition matches and a tournament mode, eight international teams (each with unique player statistics), and support for up two five players via the TurboTap.

After a dramatic close-up of the face-off, actual game play is seen from a top-down perspective with a vertically scrolling field. Every player (including the goalie) can be controlled. On offense, quick shots, slap shots and even faked slap shots are possible. On defense, body checking an opposing player can lead to a special fight sequence.

Exhibition games can be played with either full or easy rules - easy mode has less penalties and infractions like offside. In tournaments, every scheduled game can either be played or the results simulated. Tournament progress is saved via a password. When two or more players play, they can be put on any team. Thus teams featuring five human players are just as possible as mixed competitive matches.

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