Tunnel Runner - Atari 2600

Tunnel Runner - Atari 2600

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Tunnel Runner is an advanced 3D Maze Game, essentially what a 1st person version of Pac-Man game would be like. Because Tunnel Runner was designed with a built-in expanded memory chip (RAM Plus!), it's 12KB of memory gives it the ability to present the maze in three dimensions. Therefore, the playfield is a colorful, three-dimensional maze, so you never see yourself... just the walls on either side of you that form the corridors you travel along. As you move along the passage-ways, additional tunnels appear on either side, which you can turn into by pressing left and right.

Your primary goal is to locate and collect the hidden key, located in a different spot within each maze. Through the assistance of a MAP, you can maneuver within the maze. While attempting to locate the key to exit the level, you must also avoid the hungry Zot’s. You will discover these enemy creatures throughout the maze. Successfully recovering the key without being intercepted by the Zot's opens the portal to the next level. As you pass each level, you will discover that the complexity and difficulty increases, while your MAP gradually reveals less and less information… ultimately, your map will be of little use, requiring you to survive solely by instincts and quick thinking!

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