TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids - Nintendo Wii

TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids - Nintendo Wii

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TRON: Evolution: Battle Grids is a game based on the movie TRON: Legacy. In the year 1988, the legendary champion TRON has left the Battle Grids tournament, and a new champion now has the chance to arise. For the first time an ISO (a program that hasn't been created by a user) might become the new champion.

The game features a variety of different Grid Games to play alone or with up to four player. The different Grid Games are Light Cycle arena, Light Cycle Races, Disc Arena, Light Runner Arena, Light Runner Races, HyperBall and Tanks. They can be played in Grid Games mode, Story mode or Championship mode. While the Grid Games mode is basically a free-play mode, the Story mode allows the player to create a custom ISO character and access scenario quests and other optional side-quests accessed from hubs such as TRON City to improve the ISO's stats and earn Bits to unlock new equipment and vehicles. The goal of the Story mode is to become the champion of the TRON Grid Games.

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