Trapt - Playstation 2

Trapt - Playstation 2

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In Trapt, the player takes on the role of Princess Allura, horrified by the sudden murder of her father the King of Fronenburg and worse, being framed for his murder by step mother - Queen Catalina, later forced unwillingly to flee the castle with her maid Rachel.

Fleeing her pursuers, she takes refuge in a forbidden castle, known through rumors as the place where an evil being only known as 'the Fiend' was imprisoned. It was not by coincidence she was led here, as it turns out she was chosen by the Fiend to become her servant and wielder of the evil power the Fiend possesses. This power transforms the once innocent princess into a brutal Trapmaster capable of summoning and activating traps at will to the unwary enemy.

The game starts in this castle and the unfolding of this new-found power as well as the attempts of Princess Allura and her allies in thwarting the plans of Queen Catalina.

Trapt is set in medieval and most of the gameplay is located in and around castle rooms, though not specifically limited to the aforementioned castle. Gameplay of Trapt consists of the following: * Traps/Info Screen

In this section the player has access to various important information to prepare for the upcoming mission/story, such as traps and items that may be bought (providing there is enough money), upcoming enemies and their stats in the next mission, and room information of areas available for access in addition to what traps are already located there.

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