Trackmania: Turbo - Xbox One

Trackmania: Turbo - Xbox One

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Trackmania Turbo is an entry in the long-running racing series and the second title also for consoles, following the 2009 Wii game TrackMania: Build to Race. Like the previous entries the focus is entirely on time trials, either playing alone, with other players in the same room or with many players simultaneously in online multiplayer. When racing together it is never possible to obstruct someone, all other cars appear as ghost versions. Turbo is based on four different environments, each with their own scenery and tracks, and a single car for each environment with specific handling, identical for all players. That way, the circumstances are always the same for all players and there are never unfair advantages.

The four environments are Canyon Grand Drift, International Stadium, Rollercoaster Lagoon, and Valley Down & Dirty. Some of these incorporate elements from previous titles. On Valley tracks the car has extreme grip and often has to use dirt roads where it is hard to maintain speed without slipping, Canyon tracks are often open and wide like those in Trackmania²: Canyon with long drifts through corners at a high speed, Rollercoaster Lagoon tracks are similar to Valley, but in a tropical environment and with magnetic tracks, and International Stadium has the fastest car with the environment the series is best known for.

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