Toys - Super Nintendo

Toys - Super Nintendo

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Toys is an isometric action game based on the 1992 surreal comedy/fantasy movie of the same name starring Robin Williams, Joan Cusack and LL Cool J. As Leslie, you’ll explore three areas of Zevo Toys (the West Bay factory area, the cafeteria, and the warehouse) in order to take down General Zevo’s elephant-head security cameras. To do so, you’ll have to take out the active defenders of each camera such as jeeps, Hurly-Burly Helicopters, Tommy Tanks, deadly pogo stick bears, bomb-toting balloons, and much more. When the defenders in one area are cleared, you’ll have to disable the camera. This is accomplished by blinding the camera’s eyes with water from your trusty water gun, then spraying the lens until the camera is destroyed. Careful, the movement of the camera will make things difficult, along with the laser mounted in the camera if you take too long...

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