Touch My Katamari - PSVita

Touch My Katamari - PSVita

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A new entry in the Katamari series. The player is yet again taking the role of the tiny Prince and is tasked by the King of All Cosmos to role up stuff with the Katamari balls. Most levels require the Katamari to be as large as possible within the time given, but some levels have specific goals such as making the Katamari as 'rich' as possible by rolling up expensive things or there is a maximum number of items to roll up.

New to this Vita-specific title is the option to stretch or squeeze the Katamari by using the rear TouchPad so that the Katamari can roll through very narrow spaces that can't be reached with a ball-shaped Katamari. After each succesfully completed level, the player is rewarded for the size and content of the Katamari, both by the King and the person who requested the Katamari. The player gains candy with which he can unlock new songs and levels.

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