Tony La Russa Baseball 95 - Sega Genesis

Tony La Russa Baseball 95 - Sega Genesis

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Tony La Russa Baseball is Electronic Arts' first baseball offering for the Sega Genesis. This 8-Meg cartridge includes battery backup to save your season progress and team standings. Over 500 actual players have been included with statistics and ratings based on the 1992 season.

You can also check each player's stats by glancing at the 26 team cards, allowing you to make substitutions based on player tendencies. Batters are rated in nine categories such as speed, power, range, arm, clutch and injury, while pitchers are rated in control, velocity, endurance and bunting ability.

Players can participate in a full 162 game season, an abbreviated 81 games, playoffs (four teams in a best of seven format) or exhibition game. A manager mode will let players just call the signs and make substitutions while the computer handles the fielding. Tony La Russa Baseball also lets you change batting order, pitching rotations and defensive line-ups, draft your own team, toggle errors, warm-up relievers, and play on three different field types.

Batting involves choosing the type of swing from a series of menu options and then timing the pitch as it comes toward the plate. Pitching consists of selecting one of four pitches and using the pad to determine location. Is your team quickly falling behind? La Russa will give you tips and strategy in between innings!


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