Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars - Nintendo 3DS

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars - Nintendo 3DS

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As Ubisoft did with the Wii, they've jumped on board with the 3DS with several titles, and no fewer than two of them are Tom Clancy franchises. One of those Tom Clancy games is Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, and it lands on the 3DS, in a sense, filling the launch-window vacancy of two very similar Nintendo franchises: Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. In that regard, Shadow Wars is played from an overhead perspective using a grid-style system to organize units in a turn-based strategy game.


Shadow Wars involves a behind-the-scenes plot by "ultranationalist" conspirators to revert Russia back to the days of the Iron Curtain, Communism, and the Cold War. A large part of the plot involves the Russian conspirators meddling in the affairs of neighboring countries, wherein the Ghost Recon team is dispatched to clear things up. There are six characters acting as individual units similar to Nintendo's own Fire Emblem series, each with special abilities. The six classes are Commando, Gunner, Sniper, Recon, Engineer, and Medic. Players must learn to use each strategically to survive missions. Missions also tend to have multiple objectives, and difficulties may be selected prior to engaging each stage.

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