Tom and Jerry - Game Boy Color

Tom and Jerry - Game Boy Color

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A chase game. Playing either Tom or Jerry, who have slightly different attributes (speed, power, size), the player has to fullfil a bunch of tasks centered around dozens of little nephew mice, invited by Jerry for his birthday and scared of into hiding by Tom. While Tom is looking to beef up his next meal, Jerry is trying to rescue his nephews. Depending on the level, the player has to collect a varying amount of mice during a varying timeframe. Various extras such as bombs, clubs, pans, cheese, a rubber duck and so on help with the task. The player has to run around an 8 way scrolling level and return the mice to his nest/hole (where they could still be bombed, counting for the opponent). Extras can be used to distract, punch, flatten or otherwise execute the opponent, essentially delaying him.

Progress is tracked via a password

The game also offers two mini games, 'Whack-a-cat' and a game resembling an old LCD game.


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