Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy - Nintendo 3DS

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy - Nintendo 3DS

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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is a rhythm game featuring some of the best-known pieces from the Final Fantasy series. The main goal is to collect Rythmia, the energy wave of the rhythm crystal in order to restore its power. To do so, the player will form a party of four characters from the 13 protagonists of the main series, like in Dissidia: Final Fantasy. There is an reward for every 500 Rythmia points collected. These rewards are music tracks and movies unlocked it the Museum's music player and theatre, extra tracks to play in Challenge mode and colored crystals to unlock bonus characters. The basic game-play is to follow the rhythm by tapping, holding the notes, or sliding the stylus in a specified direction. Hitting the notes perfectly will result in a "Critical Hit", and missing them will result in HP loss. When the HP reaches 0, the song ends and the player gets a failed score. To help during the fights and travel, each characters have abilities that will deal more damage, heal the party or allow faster movement. Clearing the stage will reward the player with Experience points to level-up the party members, Items. For each stage, there is a Critical Chart to fill-up. The more critical hits you get, the more the chart fills-up. When replaying a stage, the critical hits stack-up until the chart is complete. Clearing a stage will also reward some Rythmia depending on different criteria such as the characters in the party, what equipment they have, and the score for said stage.

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