The Wonderful 101  - Nintendo Wii U

The Wonderful 101 - Nintendo Wii U

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The Wonderful 101 is an action game where 100 superheroes from 100 cities around the world collaborate to defeat the Geathjerk, alien terrorists who attempt to invade Earth. The additional member refers to the player. The Wonderful Ones are members of Centinels, a planetary secret service created by the United Nations to defend Earth against alien invasions. The game takes place in Blossom City and starts with Will Wedgewood, who was saved by his superhero father when he was a boy and was passed on the Wonder pendant for the superhero group. He became a teacher at an elementary school and hides his powers, but he is in a school bus when the aliens attack and wants to save the children and the Blossom Elementary school building. By using the pendant he turns into the superhero Wonder-Red with a powerful suit. He is soon joined by a second character called Wonder-Blue and eventually the player gets to meet 100 characters as they are recruited throughout the course of the game. There are seven main characters (Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, White, and Black) and the others have a support role. Each of the seven characters is tied to a specific symbol (weapon) and it possible to switch between them when they are part of the group. The others follow and some members only join temporarily.

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