The Sims - Original Xbox

The Sims - Original Xbox

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It's time you moved out of Mom's house and spread your wings as a Sim. You'll need to find a job, a roommate, and a new place to live. Meet life's challenges and you could meet your soul mate and retire to the ultimate party mansion.

  • Get a Life - Create a Sim and go from rags to riches in seven challenging levels.
  • Freestyle Sims - Chart the destiny of an entire Sim neighborhood in open-ended Sandbox mode.
  • Two Player - Challenge a friend for love and money or cooperate in an open-ended game.
  • Create Your Sims - Recreate yourself and your friends or create your own cast of characters.
  • Build Their World - Fill their homes with everything from giant screen TVs and stereos to wet bars and swimming pools.
  • Control Their Lives - Host parties, insult the neighbors, hire a maid, play in the hot tub, or even get married and have kids.

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