The Sims 3 - Nintendo Wii

The Sims 3 - Nintendo Wii

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The Sims 3 for Wii is the most unique version of the released Sims 3 games. It takes place in Vista Beach - a unique large town that is not available on other platforms.

Player can have up to 6 Sims in one family, and roam around the coastal town directly with the Nunchuck. The game also boasts elaborate house designs, and tons of gameplay not found in other versions, like - a multiplayer option known as "Life Moments", Skate Park (including the ability to skate), Tourism and Extreme Sports careers, full control over Sims careers, including making decisions while inside work and unique Karma Powers (including controlling the weather).

It also include content from the Seasons and Island Paradise Expansion Packs, like Weather, Deep Sea Swimming, Houseboats, Hotel Rabbit Hole and beach activities.

The Wii version of game doesn’t include Babies and Toddlers, and more focus on other gameplay activities.

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