The Proud Family - Game Boy Advance

The Proud Family - Game Boy Advance

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The wedding anniversary for Penny Proud's parents is close, and that means its time to get them a present! Penny made something herself, but her friends said that she should get them a T.H.A.N.G.(or Total Home Automated Necessity Gizmo) instead. It's very expensive, but much cheaper if you buy it in pieces and self-assemble it. So Penny needs to spend time working jobs to get enough money to buy it.

The video game for The Proud Family can best be described as a side-scrolling adventure game. Players navigate through Penny's neighborhood, being informed of odd jobs that Penny can take to earn money. Anything from picking up litter to working at the local Pizza Parlor, to finding neighbors' lost dogs on the streets. Once Penny has earned enough money for a T.H.A.N.G. part, she can go to the store to buy it, and then the next chapter begins.


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