The Price Is Right Decades - Xbox 360

The Price Is Right Decades - Xbox 360

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The Price is Right: Decades is a video game based on the popular TV show "The Price is Right". It is the third "Price is Right" video game developed by Ludia Inc. for Wii and the first for Xbox 360, but the very first to allow players to play as their Mii characters/Xbox Avatars instead of Ludia avatars. It is also the first game of the series that is completely rendered in 3D.

The game starts in a backstage lounge, where the player is asked to help the lovely Jessica, one of the "beauties" from the show, to go through a series of "The Price is Right" VHS tapes. Jessica will put the tapes in the VCR and the player will be transported into the show, where he/she will bid on several items and compete against other players to win fabulous prizes and money.

In single player mode, the player will first go to Contestants' Row and bid on the selected item against 3 NPCs. If the player's bid is the closest to that item's retail price, without going over, he/she will then go on to play a pricing game. The player will then go to the Showcase Showdown to spin the wheel. If the player beats the NPC's best score while spinning the wheel (by landing on the highest number, without going over 1$), he or she will then go to the Showcase, just like on the TV show.

    All characters except for Hakan and Juri already appeared in earlier games. All characters have access to two Ultra Combos.

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